Photographer Resources



KLC fotos is proud to be the official photographer for UC Berkeley Athletics.

Shooting for Cal has some of it's own guidelines



Warm Ups

Photos of everyone who played

Photos of bench players

Photos of coaching staff

Photos of fans and spirit

Peak action AND isolated action

Wide team photo (does not need to be posed, could be them in the huddle)

~100 full set



All photos should be labeled with player IDs and game information. You can download a sample IPTC Pad here



Filenames needs to follow the convention


ex: JustinWilcox_20170901_114508_ADS

You may include additional information in your filename if you so choose

ex: JustinWilcox_Cal_Football_v_UNC_20170901_114508_ADS

as long as it always starts with the player/coach name and includes YYYYMMDD and your IDcode

more about Filenames




We upload to Cal on-site at most events using Box. We can only hire photographers on assignment if they are able and comfortable uploading on site. These images do not need IDs.


We are expected to upload photos within one-week of the event with IDs.



You can view what events are being covered at:

Our contract has KLC fotos covering a select number of games as determined by the SID. The SID will put in a request and KLC fotos will find an available photographer.

If you'd like to cover a Cal event as a volunteer please submit The Cal Volunteer Coverage Form


Copyright, Licenscing and Sales

KLC fotos Photographers retain their copyright on all work. By uploading to KLC fotos, you grant Cal Athletics license to publish on their website, for editorial and marketing purposes, which may include sending to third parties. While you can post your Cal Athletics images on your personal website, images may only be made available for ordering through KLC fotos.


Questions? Contact Division Director: Al Sermeno