Q: If I upload to KLC fotos, can I still upload to my personal website?

A: Yes. If you were on a KLC fotos sponsored credential there may be some limitations on your options to sell the images (this is generally a rule of the credentialing organization than it is necessarily a KLC fotos rule) but unless specifically requested by the client, the images are your copyright to display and promote your work.


Q: Can I post images on Social Media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram)?

A: Yes. We understand social media is an important element of many photographer's business strategy. While we encourage you to be educated about sharing, you are welcome post your images on your social media accounts. Be smart and respectful of your clients. If a client has hired you to photograph their event, they may wish the first post comes from their account. Other leagues may have certain social media restrictions. You are expected to follow the social media policies of the events/clients you work with. Please access the Resources - Social Media page for more info.


Q: Can I use KLC fotos to deliver images that don't fit within a division?

A: Yes. You are welcome to use your photographer folder to send images to a client whether or not the images are added to the main KLC fotos archive. If it's a division you want to pursue and expand through KLC fotos, please contact [email protected] to discuss options.


Q: Do I maintain my copyright on images I add to KLC fotos if I sign the Photographer Agreement?

A: Yes. We strongly encourage photographers to ALWAYS keep their copyright with any kind of agreement. You only grant KLC fotos the rights to license your work on your behalf. If a client is asking for a copyright transfer, this would be explicitly written in a separate agreement for that individual shoot, and the client would pay appropriately for the copyright transfer. If there is a copyright transfer, KLC fotos can no longer license your work and would need permission from the new copyright holder. More on Copyright



Q: What percentage of royalties will I earn from images that are licensed?

A: KLC fotos is proud to offering the highest royalty percentage of any major agency at 50% profit share to the photographer.


Q: If I cover an assignment for KLC fotos what percentage of the assignment fee do I earn?

A: If you book an assignment directly and only use KLC fotos as a means of delivery to the client, you are paid directly by the client and KLC fotos takes no portion of your fee. If the assignment is managed by KLC fotos and KLC fotos is responsible for paying you, invoicing the client, collecting payment and working with the client on delivery of images, you will receive 80% of the fee. We charge this fee to not only offset our cost of maintaining but also for the benefit of KLC fotos managing cash flow. We will pay the photographer upon completion of assignment and take on the cash-flow burden while waiting for invoice to be processed by the client.


Q: If I photograph for an organization that would like a portion of image sales, is that possible?

A: Yes. We have a system in place to offer a 10% of royalty profit share with organizations. Please have your organization reach out to us if this is something they are interested in. It can either be done as a donation by KLC fotos or as part of the agreement.


Q: What do you charge per photo?

A: This varies depending on the type of image, which division and how it is licensed. Personal, editorial, commercial use and what size and space. You can look at our current price lists for various divisions to get an idea. Our wedding prices are different than our youth sport prices which are different than our editorial prices which are different than our commercial prices.


Q: Can I offer my own discount to clients?

A: Yes. You are welcome to set your own discount or even offer free image downloads if you so choose. We encourage you to participate in best practices to ensure you are not hurting the overall industry.


Q: How much will I earn as a KLC fotos Photographer?

A: This varies dramatically depending on what you are covering and how committed you are to making sales. Are you working on assignment are you shooting on spec? Are you developing client relationships? Are your images of the highest quality with appropriate captions and searchable metadata? Are you creating unique images that potential clients value? Some photographers earn thousands from one image that is repeatedly licensed, others have yet to make a sale or be offered an assignment. We can't guarantee your success, but we provide all the resources to pursue it.


Q: If I post my images on KLC fotos can I still license images on my own?

A: Yes. We are established to help you license your work, reach a broader potential client base, and be an advocate for fair pricing but we do not want to exclude you from representing yourself. There are limitations to your rights to license images as set by the credential issuer. If your credential is editorial and limited to the sponsoring agency, you cannot sell prints, not through KLC fotos or independently, and you cannot independently license your work as a rule of the organization which granted your credential. Doing so will result in possibly having your credential revoked for future events and KLC fotos no longer representing your work (we do not want to associate with photographers who violate credential agreements). Also be aware, if you undercut KLC fotos pricing significantly you are participating in a "race to the bottom" and hurting the industry. If KLC fotos is offering to license your work for $50 and you reach out to a client offering $30, with the idea that you are "both getting a better deal", you are setting a standard that the value of your image is only $30.


Q: Why would I want to license through KLC fotos instead of solely on my own?

A: Clients come to our site looking for content. It's much easier for a client who is looking for an image from a particular event if they can consistently go to the same site and place their order through a familiar system, as opposed to finding the individuals photographers and navigating new terms. All you have to do is add the photo to our archive, and we handle the rest! Not only do we help you reach clients and fulfill orders but we serve as an educated advocate for the fair pricing and use of your work. 


Q: Do you offer employee positions?

A: Currently KLC fotos does not offer employee positions, all of our photographers work as contributing freelancers with KLC fotos only serving as a means of delivery and representation. We do offer project based contracts for those interested in helping grow KLC fotos beyond their contributions as photographer. These are independent contractor opportunities often based on commissions not hourly or salaried positions.


Please email [email protected] if you have further questions.