Even though you may have a digital copy of an image, it does not grant you the rights to publish or transmit the image with or without watermark. All images on KLC fotos remain the copyrighted work of the photographer and are available for licensing.

We offer various licensing options such as

Client Download

This use is agreed upon in writing in relation to a paid assignment. It generally assumes the client may use the image for all internal and marketing purposes. It does not include sub-licensing to third parties or sell the image for profit.


Personal Use

This allows strictly personal use in the home or other non-public space. This does not include social media use.


Social Media

This allows you to publish on one social media profile. Though you may post to multiple platforms, you may not post to multiple accounts. If you run a baseball trading card company and have a page dedicated to baseball in general and another dedicated to a specific team, it may not be published on both accounts social media pages without paying separately. Pricing varies based on the number of followers your account has or intended to reach if using a promoted post. In most cases, we require @photographer - @KLCfotos to accompany the image either in text or as a tag.



We have a variety of editorial options for authorized outlets which may include using a download to include an image in a print edition or the use of a download for an editorial blog. Most downloads include social media use. Pricing varies based on the size and location the image will be published. A cover or homepage costs more than an interior page (digital or print) and pricing increases as distribution/viewers/followers increases.

In all cases, a byline is required Photographer - KLC fotos



We also offer commercial downloads for our partners like USA Rugby where we serve as the official photographer. If you are not finding an image you like, please reach out to us as we also offer assignment based commercial shoots and those generally offer better licensing terms.


Misuse and Copyright Infringement

If we find an image has been improperly downloaded or published, action may range from requesting you to remove the image to seeking compensation via invoice or involving our legal team. Our website includes a copyright protection service which searches the internet for copyright infringement and handles the associated lawsuits.