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We are proud to support a growing community of photographers. We are very transparent about our business practices and believe that together we can help the photo community thrive.


Administrative Resources

Contributor Info Form - To help us better understand your photography career and goals to appropriately pair photographers with clients. Please keep your contributor information up-to-date.

Payments - Assignment fees are paid when the assignment is completed. Royalties are paid on the 15th day of the month following the month the royalty was earned.

Calendar - To view what events are being covered and are available to be covered. (You can also view in Spreadsheet Form)

Royalties - To view royalty reports

Letter of Assignment - To request and retrieve a Letter of Assignment.


Workflow Resources

Submission Protocol - Details for how to submit your images

Photographer Folder - To manage your presence on KLC fotos.

Filenames - All filenames should include YYYYMMDD and your Photographer Code. Certain divisions and clients require more elaborate filename conventions.

Captions & Metadata -

     Sample IPTC - For PhotoMechanic Users (Note: Since google drive cannot read xmp files, there is no preview available, but you can still download)

Workflow Blog Posts


Community Resources

Code Replacements

Gear for Sale

Tips & Tricks