Coaching & Consulting

With over a decade of experience working with clients and representatives photographers, KLC Fotos is now offering consulting and coaching services.

Consulting topics include:

- How to determine budget

- what to look for in hiring a photographer

- What to clarify when hiring a photographer

- Whether to hire freelancers or a staff photographer

- How to develop a “look” for your organization

- How to store and share content internally

Pricing starts at $320/hour with discounts for non-profit organizations whose mission aligns with KLC fotos



Coaching topics include:

- Choosing a camera system

- Choosing the right lenses for a specific event

- How to price your work

- How to break in to the industry

- How to archive your work

Pricing starts at $140 for a 40 minute session

Kelley offers a once-a-month open ended zoom