Alonzo Adams (Alonzo Adams Photography alonzoadamsphoto.com) photographer based in Oklahoma City, OK. He may be a good photographer but he was difficult to work with at all levels and we would like to warn potential clients to avoid working with him.

-He increased the fee after he already agreed to take the assignment.
-His work was flawed (audio was static) and he said it worked on his end, but was unable/unwilling to show any evidence that it worked.
-When the client questioned whether maybe it didn't work on his end and he was lying, KLC fotos reached out to him independently offering to support him and to help defend him and find resolution in the conversation with the client. He was so offended at suggestion that he may have lied about the audio, he refused to continue communicating with KLC fotos and deleted the all except one image from the folder he was given access to.
-When asked to reupload, he inexplicably uploaded a college football guidelines powerpoint and sheet music (?!?) and claimed he didn't know how it happened and that he had uploaded the video and images, but refused to try again or work at finding a resolution.
-KLC fotos even followed up again trying to be understanding that maybe something else was going on in his life and offering him the opportunity to make amends, but he continued to be rude and refused to find a resolution.
-He did ultimately reshoot for the client and but only communicated with the client and stopped communicating with KLC fotos and did not deliver the final content to KLC fotos. Even though KLC fotos had already paid his fee.
-KLC fotos (regrettably) paid him in good faith before the assignment and all documents were complete. He ultimately refused to send a W-9 and hung up on KLC fotos.
-KLC fotos reached out to other clients he worked to see whether it was specific to us but they all expressed having similar challenges working with him.
-He effectively robbed us of $900 and we ultimately lost the client

We found Alonzo to be unprofessional and would not recommend working with Alonzo Adams on any project.